Pub quizzes proliferate

Pub quizzes proliferate the area

August 6, 2013 


Question: What product introduced an ad in 1928 saying "Nothing exceeds halitosis as a social disease?" Kim Hanisak, center right, and her teammates Scott Havens, left, Nicholas Holifield and Justin Lallinger ponder that and nine other head-scratching questions in the first round of Trivia Night at City Beverage in Durham.


Pub quizzes are the nexus between beer and knowledge.

In Chapel Hill, more than 73.5 percent of adults hold a bachelor’s degree. In Carrboro, it’s 60 percent and in Durham, 42 percent.

So who presumed to find Dr. Livingstone on the shores of Lake Tanganyika? Prizes are at stake, and your teammates will raise their glass to you – if you know the answer.

Bar trivia seems as popular now as ever in the Triangle. Bjorn Nordwall, manager at Tyler’s in Carrboro, agrees more bars host trivia nights than did a few years ago.

In Chapel Hill, Fitzgerald’s and Mellow Mushroom host trivia nights Mondays; Linda’s Bar and Grill, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Goodfellows, Tuesdays; and Four Corners and Top of the Hill, Wednesdays

In Carrboro, Tyler’s Wednesday night trivia is a weekly assembly with a bigger loyal following than most town board meetings.

Montgomery Morris hosts trivia at Nightlight and at Steel String Brewery, the new hive in Carrboro where your beer flows straight from tank to tap.

Durham bars Bull McCabe’s, James Joyce and the West 49th Pub host trivia, among others.

Sunday night has the STIR event at Chapel Hill’s East End bar, which might be the area’s only Gay Trivia Night.

When: Any night of the week.

Where: A pub near you.

Tickets: Tip your bartender.


Correspondent Tom Hartwell

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