Payments for 2013 county taxes due Monday, Jan. 6

From staff reportsJanuary 2, 2014 

  • Online option

    E-services are available at; click on the e-services tab at the bottom of the screen. E-services include the ability to pay using electronic check or credit card. A processing fee applies when using credit or debit cards.

— Durham residents have until Monday to pay real and tangible personal property taxes for tax year 2013 to avoid interest, fees, liens and collection enforcement actions payment.

You can pay by telephone, online with a check or credit card, or by mail to PO Box 3397, Durham NC, 27702. Those who pay in person must have a copy of the bill and pay with cash or check. Counter checks are not accepted and a processing fee applies when using credit or debit cards. The Tax Administration Office is located on the first floor of 200 E. Main St. downtown.

The county has mailed 2014 Listing Forms to business owners and citizens who listed personal property the previous year. You can also get listing forms on the Durham County website at by clicking on the DCO forms tab at the bottom of the page.

The listing period ends Jan. 31.

Individuals who do not own or operate a business must list their individual personal property such as boats, motors, jet skis, manufactured homes by Jan. 31.

Individuals who have made additions to their real property are required to list such additions on a listing form annually.

Individuals who operate a business will be required to list their business personal property by Jan.31; however extensions can be granted if requested by Jan. 31. To request a business personal property extension or list business personal property use the online business listing system at Click on Business and follow the Online Business Listing System link.

Recent changes in the law (N.C.G.S. 105-275(40)) provide that the development cost of software or any modification cost to software, whether done internally by the taxpayer or externally by a third party to meet the customer’s needs is excluded and should not be reported.

Requests for Property Tax Exemptions are required to be filed during the regular listing period, however, Elderly Homestead and Circuit Breaker applications can be filed until June 1. To find out more about exemptions and qualifications for exemptions go to; from the Departments tab click Tax Department and follow the link for Property Tax Forms and Publications.

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