Your letters, Jan. 15

January 14, 2014 

Re “Durham police: Officer missed gun that killed teen,”

Another matter

I watched the news conference. The gloves were described as the kind of gloves a baseball batter would wear. The gun is another matter.

The gun was a decent sized .45 caliber semi-automatic, something that should have been easily detected in a routine pat down. It came out in news conference that handcuffed persons had done this before. They actually had pictures demonstrating how this could be done. Still, all the facts are not out yet, but one fact is clear. The arresting officer violated several department rules.

Arnold Hamm


Cold and callous

This is major news, maybe even the biggest they are dealing with at this moment, and the chief doesn’t deliver it? That's rather insensitive, cold and callous.

Charity Greene


If story is true ...

If this story is true, that officer(s) missed finding the gun, have those officers been fired! Don’t the citizens and visitors to Durham deserve better?

Dave Baricz


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