Your letters, Feb. 5

February 4, 2014 

Why I’m going to march

I’ve been to many of the HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) assemblies, but I wouldn’t miss it this Saturday for anything.

Why am I so determined to go this year?

Because I am outraged at the arrogance of the legislature to give tax breaks to the wealthy on one hand and, on the other, cut out the Earned Income Tax Credit for lower-income families, reject Medicaid expansion that would give medical insurance (at no cost to North Carolina through 2016) to hundreds of thousands of people without insurance, refuse extension of federally funded unemployment benefits that would help thousands of our citizens who are without jobs, assault the reproductive rights of women, repeal the Racial Justice Act, undermine the public school system through the use of vouchers and ending of tenure, and enact various laws that will make voting less accessible to many of our citizens.

Because I believe that our communities are stronger if all of us have what we need to lead healthy lives and raise healthy children.

And because in the richest nation in the world, it is just plain wrong for so many to go hungry, homeless, without medical care and worried about their children.

We can change this in North Carolina if we make our voices heard. Join me and thousands of others in Raleigh on Saturday to give a resounding call to the General Assembly to listen to the people.

Carolyn Ikenberry

Chapel Hill

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