Stephanie Openshaw: Missing my brother

June 3, 2014 

Drew Frasure and his sisters Jenny Hamson and Stephanie Openshaw. “This photo was taken at his daughter's basketball game,” Openshaw writes. “This was the last time my sister and I saw our brother alive.”


Missing my brother

Regarding the 2011 shooting death of Chapel Hill resident and my brother Drew Frasure:

On May 16, Drew's family gathered in a court room to hear testimonies, present victims’ statements and finally get a sentence for Mario Ramsey, who shot and killed my brother two and a half years ago on December 11, 2011. (My brother was unarmed)

Drew was a loving father of two wonderful children. His children were his whole life and the world would be unstoppable if all men loved their children as much as Drew loved his. He was also a caring son, uncle and brother. Although some time has passed since his death, we as his family still miss him deeply and struggle to find a new normal. There are so many experiences that Drew will miss because he was taken from us, including his children's graduations, weddings and being a grandfather.

An article posted in your paper about the outcome of this case, mentioned that “Ramsey (the murderer), had been hit by a bus in Durham when he was 19, and a defense attorney told Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour that he may have suffered some brain damage in that accident.” This instance does not in any way excuse what Ramsey did. Although Ramsey was hit by a bus, the prosecution found that Ramsey did in fact know right from wrong. They also found that Ramsey's behavior and anger issues began long before the bus incident; evidence of that fact included school records that indicated incidences of violence and disrespect, dating back to Ramsey's kindergarten days. Ramsey was eventually expelled from school.

We feel that Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour's decision was just and fair. The victim’s mother asked Judge Baddour to have mercy on Mario Ramsey and to that, Judge Baddour pointed out the fact that although my mother asked for mercy for Ramsey, my brother's killer did not have mercy on Drew when he entered his apartment and shot him. We are grateful for the prosecution in this case, especially Assistant District Attorney Lamar Proctor and for Sgt. Matthews of the Chapel Hill Police Department. The police department acted quickly in this case and were able to arrest Ramsey just days after Drew's death.

Although we draw comfort from the fact that justice was served in this case and that Drew is now watching over us, we would give anything to have him back in our lives.

Stephanie Openshaw

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